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Mosaab Alsaray Art 

Photography, Modeling, workshop, Magazines 

About The CEO 

Mosaab Alsaray is the official photographer of the international playboy, FHM and more. He is internationally published and award-winning artist based in Boston, MA, USA. Mosaab is working as an engineer in Pharmaceutical company with a master degree from WPI in bioscience administration, but Art and photography are his passion. He focuses on High fashion, Fine art portraits. He has been published in multiple magazines including covers. He is a contributor to multiple magazines. He is a photographer at International Bikini Model Search (IBMS) and editor of the biggest online magazine professional photography.Always his goal to create different photos belong in the world's most famous high fashion publications. Whether he is shooting normal client or editorial for publication. His goal to create clean and timeless imagery for people who care about their brand and name. Photography is the result of teamwork between everyone involved from talents MUA, the fashion designer ... etc to clients creating together to bring a vision to life. Perfection is an ideal for sure, but this never stopped me from aspiring to achieve it except in the moments when little imperfections were exactly what made it so perfect.

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